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Malabrigo Rasta
A lightly-fulled single-ply yarn of grand proportions. Whip out a super-cozy acc...
$24.50 $24.50
The Fibre Co. &Make Aran
The Fibre Co.
&Make Aran
&Make Aran from The Fibre Co. brings affordable luxury and considerable bounce t...
$18.00 $18.00
WoolDreamers Mota
Merina Entrefina and Manchega wool from small family ranches in Castilla-La Manc...
$17.00 $17.00
Brooklyn Tweed Imbue Worsted
Brooklyn Tweed
Imbue Worsted
Imbue’s exceptional 5-ply construction creates a marvelously round and springy y...
$18.50 $18.50
Fiber MacGyver Merino 100
Fiber MacGyver
Merino 100
This wonderfully plump 4-ply fingering yarn is spun from 100% fine superwash mer...
$32.00 $32.00
Brooklyn Tweed Dapple
Brooklyn Tweed
Brooklyn Tweed’s Dapple features a perfect mixture of 40% Organic Cotton and 60%...
$15.25 $15.25
The Fibre Co. Amble
The Fibre Co.
A soft, durable yarn from Merino wool and alpaca fibres processed with an eco-fr...
$23.00 $23.00
The Fibre Co. &Make DK
The Fibre Co.
&Make DK
An inviting blend of three fibers makes up this DK weight yarn. Soft alpaca and...
$9.00 $9.00
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Fancywork Wool Blog

The Original Outerwear: Icelandic Wool

The Original Outerwear: Icelandic Wool

I recently returned from a positively glorious trip to Iceland where I learned all about traditional Icelandic Lopi sweaters and Icelandic wool. Let m

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Meet mYak: Storied Yarn from the Tibetan Plateau

Meet mYak: Storied Yarn from the Tibetan Plateau

There’s yarn, and then there’s Yarn. We are incredibly excited to welcome one of the most intentionally produced, heartfelt Yarns (with a capital

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GOTS Offers Truth In Advertising for Organic Wool

GOTS Offers Truth In Advertising for Organic Wool

What exactly IS organic wool? Why should I care if I'm not eating it? And what the heck does GOTS stand for anyway? When so many products are green wa

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Visit Us in the Bend Central District

Fancywork Yarn Shop is Central Oregon’s home for exceptional yarn, swoon-worthy accessories and gifts, woolly inspiration, and cozy, warm community. In addition to time-honored workhorse yarns and much-loved standards, Fancywork specializes in hand-dyed, independent and American yarns as well as carefully curated specialty yarns from abroad.

We’re conveniently located between the East and West sides of Bend in the Bend Central District, formerly the Maker’s District. Our hours are Tuesday – Saturday, 10am-5pm, and Sunday & Monday, 11am-3pm.

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