Wool & Palette Pop-Up: Sat & Sun, 9/30 & 10/1
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Wool & Palette Pop-Up: Sat & Sun, 9/30 & 10/1

Wool & Palette Pop-Up: Sat & Sun, 9/30 & 10/1

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Saturday & Sunday, September 30 & October 1: Wool & Palette is coming back to Bend for a weekend of wildly colorful, sustainably sourced and natural dyed yarn. Pour over your Ravelry queues and clear your calendars, ya'll! We are so super for this one! Read more.

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Ally and advocate of the Slow Fiber Movement, Emily Lymm is passionate about creating intentionally sustainable, hand-dyed yarn. Working exclusively with natural dyes, Emily is connected to nature through the gratifying process of gathering, growing, and harvesting dye plants. The reward for this purposeful work is seeing the yarn emerge from the dye pot in a palette of deeply saturated colors you simply want to envelop yourself in. Natural dyeing is a feat in logistics and experimentation that relies on plants, bugs, and minerals as part of an intricate process. And it’s fun! Emily is constantly tweaking her formulas, always pushing to make that orange a tiny bit more red or that blue a little bit more gray. She is motivated by a desire to find JUST the color that will make it into your wardrobe – and stay there.

Emily's commitment to sustainability goes below surface level, though. She is determined to change how we make clothes by sourcing her fiber with care in mind for our fragile environment. Wool & Palette's 100% Merino/Rambouillet wool comes from sheep that are treated responsibly and raised with a progressive approach to land management. This wool comes exclusively from the Shaniko Wool Company farm group, headed by Jeanne Carver and based out of Maupin, Oregon.

This storied wool is Responsible Wool Standard (RWS) certified, grown, and milled in the United States. RWS certified wool means you can rest assured the fiber you are investing in is ethically and responsibly sourced through a transparent and certified supply chain. The ranches that make up the Shaniko Wool Company farm group reach beyond the highest standards in land management and human & animal welfare standards. All processing of this non-superwash wool is kept as domestic as possible to offset global shipping. These happy sheep produce high-quality wool that is soft enough to wear against your skin at 20-21 microns.

In addition to loads of yummy yarn for you to take home with you, Emily will be bringing her jars of dye materials to give us a glimpse at what they look like in their raw form. She'll even have a gift to try your own hand at natural dyeing.

In addition to her incredible yarn, Emily is also bringing us a special treat! Be the first to try your hand at natural dyeing with a Wool & Palette Natural Dye Kit! Emily has been hard at work developing this new product and Fancywork is honored to be the very first to showcase it. We'll be taking pre-orders this weekend for this limited supply, very special kit!

It's all part of her relentless pursuit of the most sustainable skein of yarn...

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Wool & Palette Pop-Up: Sat & Sun, 9/30 & 10/1
Wool & Palette Pop-Up: Sat & Sun, 9/30 & 10/1
Saturday & Sunday, September 30 & October 1: Wool & Palette is coming back to Be...
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